Just WOW!

We are so, so grateful to every single one of you that took the time to enter our doggie competition and have to say, we were a little overwhelmed with the amount of entries we received!

So a sincere thank you to all of you that took part, it really was a pleasure seeing so many pictures of happy dogs!

After much deliberation (and an equal amount of worrying as to whether or not the doggie’s would KNOW that we were comparing them to each other!),

we have finally decided on our winners. Of course they are ALL winners in our eyes, but this was specifically a photo competition, so we had to try and make a decision based on this fact only.

Drum roll please…

The winner of our number one spot goes to,


A 13 week old English Bulldog who we have to say looks very dapper in his Leeds outfit!

Thank you to Gail Bambrook.

Our number two spot goes to,


A 2 year old Pug who couldn’t look any cooler if he tried…

Thank you to Nige Collinson

           And finally, in third place we have,


A crazy German Shepherd who apparently does NOT like sharing his ball!

Thank you to Sarah Rothera

The winners will be contacted privately and their pictures will be framed and adorning our restaurant walls in no time…

A couple of special mentions go to the following doggies and owners:

  • Helen & Jamie with their deaf German Shepherd Ruby, who loved her battlefield walk in the snow recently, and curling up in front of our fire shortly afterwards!
  • Jo Naylor with her rescue dog Honey, who sadly left us a couple of weeks ago to be with her other four legged friends up in the sky.
  • Lisa Burrows with her beautiful dog Viggo, who regularly enjoys our Sunday Lunch!

As promised, watch out for an email winging its way over to your inbox shortly.

Some of you lucky people will find a voucher inside that will give you twenty per cent off your food and drink bill here at The Rockingham, for you to use any time you please.

You’re welcome!

And finally, we’ll be hosting a ‘Rockingham Scruffs’ event in the summer months, where everyone can get together and appreciate our doggos all in one place!

More details to follow.

With love,

The Rock Team